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ACE Manufacturing Inc. introduces a new line of Aluminum Tool boxes with an old school idea:

Do what needs to be done.



The 5-bar boxes focus on the fundamental elements that have made ACE products stand-out in a format designed to be easy to order, stock and purchase:


  • Available in select sizes - most commonly required

  • Made in Canada by ACE's trained welders and fabricators

  • Stylish five-bar checker plate pattern, bottom-hinged doors

  • Smooth Aluminum One-Piece Body with TIG welded seams

  • Formed, leak-proof jamb with auto-grade bulb seal

  • High-grade Stainless Steel Hinge Huck-bolted to Box & Door sides

  • Locking Stainless Steel T-Handle Latches & Check Cables

  • Competitively priced and always in production


We check all the boxes.

Check Them out here!

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